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At HADA, we envision a region where young people can attend school and receive quality education as a means to define their futures and build a better society. For most of Africa's young people, education represents the only way out of a life of entrenched poverty. Education builds confidence, cohesiveness and community.

Featured posts

Abdirizak Mohamed, Nugaal University President.

" These scholarships have enabled them to pursue their goals of higher education and realize their dreams. We do believe that, in, you we have a strong and caring organization that will always stand by us in every moment."

Ismail Deria, SUSA President.

" I believe the foundation of every society is its youth. That is why I am a proud supporter of the work HADA is doing. For our annual reading week All-Star weekend, it was easy to support HADA by organizing a fundraiser dinner. As a university student myself, I believe in the power of education and the immense change that accompanies it ".

Our Partners
    Canadian Charity - Ottawa - Canada's Capital
    We would like to extend our most sincere appreciation to our partners. Our partners have played a significant role in the success of our work, both as supporters and stakeholders in our organization. As a growing organization that continues to learn, HADA is devoted to being accountable of our programs to all our partners and supporters.